Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Deal and Announcement!

  As you know, I signed with an agent last month, and last week, I signed a book deal with Entangled. My multicultural contemporary NA will be published next year with their new Embrace line! I've had my eye on Entangled for a while, and it's like when that guy I've crushed on for years finally said, "Hey girl, you kinda fly." :-D So, we're going to be fly together.

   I won't be very active here, anymore, or as Kaylie Austen. See, I've switched gears. I went from sci-fi and fantasy, which I will always love, to multicultural contemporary, which apparently I'm good at. I love incorporating my Indian heritage into writing and want to continue doing so. 

  On that note, I am now writing as Ayesha Patel and getting back to my Indian roots. I hope you'll read what I have to offer and I hope you'll like it. I hope it does my culture justice and open reader's eyes to a very vibrant and rich world.

  You can read more about my book deal here and please follow if you'd like to continue with me on my writing journey. I'm also on Twitter @ayeshapatel17 and Facebook

  How's everyone out there doing? Any news? Any plans for the month? I'm hitting Victoria again this weekend. Holiday tea at my favorite tea room!! Dinner and music at my favorite Irish pub, which ironically has the best Indian curry soup I've ever had. It's going to be cold, like below 15 degrees and possibly snowing cold! Brrr! 


  1. Awesome! Congratulations on getting an agent and a book deal! I love curry, a ton! My mumzy in law makes the best curry!

  2. Thanks! You need to send that recipe my way!

  3. Congratulations! You are entering an exciting new year!